Meet Our Staff



Spencer is our longest employee of course, as he has been around since Hammertime was established! He enjoyed creating this business with his dad and has since continued making Hammertime a place for all things powersports. He is dedicated to Belvidere, IL as this is the home for his business. He enjoys giving back and making every ones experience in the store unique. Spencer spends most of his free time with his family and watching his kids sporting events! 



Ryan is our sales and finance manager. He has been a team member for 18 years and continues to dedicate his time to us! Ryan's favorite product line we sell is Polaris and that stems from his love for snowmobiling! He has owned Polaris sleds of his own and it is one of his favorite products to sell. Outside of work Ryan spends his time with his wife and children. Ryan loves working at Hammertime because of the customers that lead to friendships


Jordan has been a part of our sales team for four years now! Jordan has a passion for street bikes and snowmobiling which makes his summers and winters rather fun. He too is a big fan of Polaris sleds and loves sharing all the cool and exciting features of them with his customers. Jordan spends his free time with his wife, daughter, and his fur babies, Roxy and Forest. Jordan's favorite part of working at Hammertime is being able to explore the powersports industry further and meeting all the new people along the way.


Rick has been at Hammertime for six years now. He is one person we can always count on for a dad joke or an update on current events! Rick is known for selling Suzuki King Quads, which happens to be his favorite product we sell. When Rick is not at Hammertime he is spending time with his family, and working at the Tree Farm during the holiday season. Rick enjoys working at Hammertime because he gets to further expand his product knowledge and test out all different types of machines. 



Marty is our parts department manager. He has been here since 2014 and continues to share his product knowledge with all of our customers. He has quite the background in all things related parts and has the ability to make your ride even better than it originally showed up! Marty can often be found on the water as he races watercraft or on the trails riding the One Wheel. Marty is a huge advocate for the Future Motion One Wheel but also loves both Kawasaki and Yamaha and their watercraft products. His favorite product to sell is Helix 5 in 1. His favorite part about working here is the environment as whole, there is a positive atmosphere and the customers always keep our days interesting!


Shaun likes to call himself the senior parts technician. Shaun has been a member of our staff for 16 years. He can be located at the parts desk or on the floor assisting our customers. He has an extensive history in the powersports industry and can help you find almost any part you need! In his free time he spends time with his pups or out riding his bike. Shaun loves track days and will take any opportunity to get on his bike. His favorite manufacturer is Kawasaki, but his favorite products to sell are Bell Helmets. He enjoys working at Hammertime because of the customers that turn into friends and family!



Bill has been working with the Hammer family for quite some time. He is our service manager, but helps out anywhere he can. He can be found at the service desk or working on your machine. Bill has learned and seen a lot of interesting things working in service but it never has stopped him. In the free time he has you can find him doing more work related tasks or spending time with his family. 


Don is our service technician who has been with us for seven years. He can be found repairing your machines in our shop. He has provided service to our great customers for quite some time and continues to keep repairing all of your toys! In his free time, Don is spending time with his family! Don has a very cute golden retriever. 


Gaven started working at Hammertime with little to no experience in powersports. He was initially hired as lot attendant but has now become a service technician. Gaven has learned so much through his time here and continues to be such a help to our store. He has excellent customer service skills and is a hard worker. Gaven spends his free time with friends and family!



Bella started working here just a few years ago and was initially hired as our receptionist while she was in school. However, shortly after she became our office manager with some pretty big shoes to fill! Bella can be found at her desk or running around trying to get her coworkers attention. She enjoys working here because she has not only learned so much, but she enjoys creating a positive experience for our customers.